Congratulations, you have successfully ordered your SIMs!

If you haven't already received your shipment confirmation then you will receive this shortly after our shipping team prepare your order and get it sent out to you. 

When you receive your order confirmation your SIM(s) will show in your online account. You can log into your online account here. Here you can find your SIM ICCIDs and is also where you will activate your SIM(s) when you receive them. You can also select the tariff you want your SIM(s) to be on.

Before you get your SIM(s) you will need to make sure that you have set up your device with the following details:

APN: mokanix (You do not need to set a pin or password)

Device set to roaming: You will need to ensure that your device has been set to allow network roaming.

Allow data: You will need to ensure that you device allows data and that it has been activated.

If your devices only allow 2G and you are in the UK please be aware that our UK single plan does not have 2G coverage therefore you will need to select the UK multi network tariff.

Once you have the 3 things set up above and ensure that your account has enough credit all you need to do is activate each of your SIMs by clicking on them from within the portal and then plugging your SIMs into your devices (using the details above).

Good luck and if you have any issues please leave a ticket and we will do our best to get you online!