First of all...Don't panic!

We will get you set up in no time. 

Check your Junk

The first port of call for finding your verification email is checking your junk or deleted folders in your mailbox. If you have your email set up on a mail client junk may not always come through so go directly to your email provider and check the folders there. If you have found the email you can click the link and continue.  

Note - Remember, mark our email as a safe sender if you have found it in your junk. This will ensure any other transactional emails such as receipts and invoices make their way through.

Check your spelling

As we all get more dependant on auto correct us humans often forget how to spell. Ourselves included! Therefore you may have entered the incorrect email address. The only way to check this is by signing up again and double checking your spelling. If your registration works fine this time and you receive a verification email it is likely that you typed your email incorrectly the first time. If you get an error message saying 'this email address is already in use' then we have a problem! You will have to try either the method above by checking your junk or follow the next bit of advice. 

Have you already verified?

Because we are used to these verification emails have you maybe clicked it already and just not registered that you have done it? If you think you may have done this continue to login at If you are able to progress