mokanix allows you to create dynamic mobile data networks through using our APIs to control your SIM fleet. Our SIMs can be used in a range of devices and we are also e-SIM compatible. We offer simple REST APIs to manage and control you SIM cards, check a SIM card's usage and perform an action based on this or deactivate a SIM following a trigger, the possibilities are endless.

What is mokanix?

We are developers like you! Our self service platform means you can simply order some SIMs and get started on your project straight away! We don't make you sign any big contracts, feed you any sales rubbish or hide any mobile data costs from you. You have full control month to month of you SIM cards and the data you need

Worldwide Coverage

We have agreements with 361 operators worldwide in 170 countries. This is expanding as well! So you can have SIMs operating all over the world and control them from one place using our portal or using our APIs embedded into your system. We are working to ultimately bring you worldwide coverage under 1 plan so keep checking our listed countries for updates.

Find out more about our Zones and coverage here.

Need coverage in a country we don't have? 

Are you a mobile network operator?

Flexible Billing

We have two billing models for you. We have a developer option which is Pay-As-You-Go and an enterprise option which is a monthly tariff for when you know month-to-month how much data you are going to need.

For both plans you control your billing. We give you the ability to optimise your plan. If you know you are going to be using lots of data for only 1 month boost your package, even change your SIMs coverage by selecting a different active zone. 


Use triggers embedded into your applications to manage and control your SIMs with our REST APIs. Find our documentation here.

Easy to use management portal

We have built an easy to use management portal so that you can visualise the changes to your SIMs and also manage your SIMs without using our APIs. So if you are not a developer but still want to access the functionality of a mokanix SIM then you still can through our management portal. If you have already registered login to our portal here or for guidance on using our portal visit our knowledge base section where you will find answers to most of your questions.

Order SIMs, control SIMs and optimise your plan all in one place. 

Why use mokanix?

Well we think we have mentioned enough reasons above really.... 


Management Portal

Incredible coverage

Flexible pricing

Any questions you have check out the rest of our knowledge base and if we haven't answered it submit a support ticked and we will get back in touch with you.